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Xilinx “Vivado 设计领导力”全球方案征文大赛参赛报名表

Xilinx 现诚邀您参与赢取 “Vivado 设计领导力”大奖 !该奖项专为表彰使用 Vivado 设计套件和 UltraFast 设计方法,利用 Xilinx All Programmable 器件所进行的产品设计的创新。

Body: 800-1200 words (subheads should be included)
Section I: Introduction
• Introduce your company (who you are, what you do)
Section II: Product Definition/End Application
• Explain the benefits of your end application
• Explain the benefits of using Xilinx All Programmable devices in your product/application
Section III: Designing with Vivado Design Suite and the UltraFast Design Methodology
• Describe your application or project with a high-level description of the design challenge(s);
i.e. schedule, power, cost, complexity, etc.
• Describe how key features you used (HLS, Partial Reconfiguration, IP Integrator, Tcl, etc.)
helped address these challenges
• Describe which elements of the UltraFast Design Methodology were applied to address the
challenges; i.e., check lists, DRC (design rule checks), training, videos, etc.
• Describe which key Xilinx Alliance Ecosystem members were instrumental in achieving your
design goals; i.e., IP, tools, design services, development boards, etc.
Section IV: Summary/Results
• Describe how Vivado and applying the UltraFast Design Methodology helped you achieve your
design requirements.
• Did you experience any additional, unexpected benefits during your design process?
3、参赛投稿,请发到 service@eetrend.com
4、报名截止日期: 2015年1月31日